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Group Health Plans

Group coverage for 3 to 300 employees

Drug, Dental, Vision, Long term
& Short term Disability, Paramedical Services

The strongest & healthiest

Group Health Plans

A group benefits plan is an important part of the financial plan for your business. In a group benefits plan financial risk associated with disability, health-related expenses, and loss of life is shared and priced based on the lives of people in the group.

With a group benefits plan, when a member of the group needs health services, the plan provides compensation according to the terms of the contract.

Investing in Group Benefits Help:

  • Better attract and retain good people leading to lower employee turnover
  • Access insurance for you and your employees at a reduced cost to most individual plans
  • Provide 24-hour coverage for all benefits, not just while employees are working
  • Help improve employee morale by supporting plan members when they need it most
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Group RSP Plans for businesses

Making sure your employees are ready for retirement? Let’s talk about solutions and a wide range of investment choices to best suit your employees’ needs.

Group Health Benefits & RSP's

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